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The fun of curating your box is a reality with Sips & Samples. 

Step 1: Add this box to your shopping cart.

Step 2: Visit the Build Your Own Box page. Choose 5 items from our extensive inventory. These items will be free in your cart as long as you've added this box in your cart first and as long as you've placed a minimum of 5 "Build Your Own Box items" in your cart. Anything less than 5 items will not trigger the discount and make them free.

In addition to the items you choose, we will supply 7 surprise products. Most of these 7 items will be seasonal and related to the month and time of year that the box is shipped. Boxes ship the first week of each month.

You can pick more than 5 items per box, if you'd like. However, only 5 will be free in this box. Anything over the free 5 item limit and you'll simply pay the cost associated with that product. Prices on our products are below retail.

-Free shipping for US customers 

-Shipping to Canada is a flat fee of $20.00 

-Average retail value of each box is between $100-$200, but each box will vary depending on what items you choose.

-Products with a purpose

When we search for our products, we are looking for items that may be:

  • new to the market
  • health conscious
  • social conscious
  • inspirational
  • eco-friendly
  • fashion forward
  • delicious
  • from small farms or businesses