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Think of us as a subscription box, without the need to sign up for a subscription

How It Works

Step 1

Choose one, two or three boxes to purchase. We will delay shipment if a second or third box is purchased so you only receive one per month. We ship the first week of each month.

Step 2

Pick your products. Each box comes with 5 FREE items that you choose from our extensive Build Your Own Box inventory. If you order two boxes, you get to chose 10 FREE items. If purchasing three boxes you'll choose 15 items (five free items per box). In addition to the items you choose, we will supply 5-7 surprise products per box.


You can pick more than 5 items per box, if you'd like. However, only 5 will be free in each box. Anything over the free item limit and you'll pay the minor cost associated with that product.

All free items will show up as a zero cost in your cart as long as you have a box in your cart and the minimum amount of free items. So Pick your number of boxes first, then go to the Build Your Own Box page to start picking your free items.

If you purchase two or three boxes, we will choose which five items to place into which box depending on what items we feel will fit best in each box.

Your customized sampling experience Awaits!

The June Box

Includes 5 free products of your choice plus 5-7 products we choose.

Free US Shipping!

One payment of $54.40 (15% off)

The June & July Boxes

Includes 10 free products of your choice plus 10-14 products we choose.

Free US Shipping!

Boxes will ship a month apart.

One payment of $123.99

The June, July & August Boxes

Includes 15 free products of your choice plus 15-21 products we choose.

Free US Shipping!

Boxes will ship a month apart.

One Payment of $179.99

Value Delivered To Your Door

The products we add to each of your boxes will have a retail value between $50-$100. Pair that with the value of the items you choose, plus our free shipping, and you'll be getting value delivered to your door!

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raves & reviews

This box full of goodies was amazing and so fun to receive!! I love trying new things and loved seeing all the fun items! I really enjoyed it! Would be such a great gift!

K. Margo

It was fun trying so many new products! A good variety of samples in a cute package. Would make a good gift idea!

A. Hardwick

I loved my Sips & Samples box! There was a perfect blend of drinks, snacks, and beauty goodies. Everything was really high quality and fun to try. Can't wait to get the next one!

J. Scougale